Denver is my adopted home town.

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I came to Denver in 2002 for the express purpose of attending the College of Architecture at CU Denver. My intent was to obtain my degree and bolt as soon as possible. This remained my goal until about the time that I could have left. The city has grown on me. With areas such as LoDo, the city itself is alive and active. The mountains, while not as close as those of my hometown are still readily accessible. Close friends and a wonderful girlfriend...I may be here awhile.

Architecture & History
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Denver was founded in 1858 by gold prospectors on the banks of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River (the Mighty Platte as I like to call it). The layout of Denver is rather unusual in that the streets of downtown Denver do not follow the north/south Cartesian coordinates that the rest of the city does. The story goes that General William Larimer set up this grid by crossing two twigs at a high point near Cherry Creek and declaring it the center of his new city. There are many theories as to why he didn't lay the streets out in a north/south Direction, but it is likely that he was merely following the direction of the creek. Later, the railroad also followed this layout. It wasn't until surveyors appeared later in the century that the more typical Cartesian grid was used. This resulted in an the odd orientation of downtown Denver relative to the rest of the city and it's suburbs. The city has grown quickly in it's short history and now has a population of over 2.5 million in the metro area. A surprisingly complete history of Denver can be found at a city website: Another site for historic architecture:


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There are a lot of places to visit near Denver. Skiing is of course a major destination (the weekend traffic on I-70 testifies to that). I also have images from Rocky Mountain National Park, Garden of the Gods, Royal Gorge, Golden & the Coors Brewery, The Vedauwoo outcrops in Southern Wyoming and some spectacular close-ups of Mountain goats on Mt. Evans. The Flat Irons near Boulder and Boulder itself are very scenic, but I have few images...yet. I have yet to visit the Sand Dunes, Telluride or the Durango-Silverton R.R., but soon.

Many Ski towns in Colorado. These are but a few.

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