Here are links to sites that, for whatever reason, I chose to frequent.


Most architects don't really have a favorite architect, but Renzo Piano is mine. is a wonderfull site with information on countless works of architecture
Moshe Safdie is another great architect. Check out the new Salt Lake City Library.
Architecture Week is an online periodical...Very cool.
Snohetta is a very innovative firm based in Oslo with offices in New York.
If you are into cutting edge technology, Sir Norman Foster has some projects for you. is a very well laid out informational site on architecture.
Enrique Norten of TEN Architectos. World class architecture from Mexico
Santiago Calatrava is a world renown Spanish architect. He also a very cool flash site. USGBC Responsible for LEED and the LEED rating system. Good green building resource. Sustainable Resource Guide Great source for building products.
UNESCO UNESCo World Heritage website

The Offspring
are one of the best damn bands the world has ever seen
The BarenakedLadies. Don't bother unless you have a sense of humor.
The Dandy Warhols, alternative at its best
AFI is a damn fine punk band, more music less attitude
Tool, nuf said.
Poe is one pissed off chick, but she makes some great music.

If most new age sounded like Loreena McKennitt, it would be much more popular.

Willco Far West
is the former family biz. If you need a tunnel, who u gonna call?
Animation Express is a great animation site featuring Quicktime, Flash and Shockwave animation.
Research Guide is an indespensible guide for writing bibliographies. Vids, music, etc. You may want a high speed connection.
The illustrated letter is a very cool and unusual art form.
Joe Totally tasteless and very funny flash animation.
The Devils Tramping Ground is just a site with some very cool and macabre flash animation.
If your ever in Salt Lake City, check out X-96, a SLC based alternative music station.