So my interests include architecture (obviously), travel, history, photography, skiing, hiking, biking and I do like to tinker on the computer. This website is a way to combine some of those interests. Most of my interests appear in other parts of this website, so this page is mostly pics of family & friends. Purposely vague on details for privacy reasons.

We finally did it. We're married!!! :-)

Check out pictures here.

My lovely wife, Kara and I. It was our 6 month anniversary of dating.

My dad and his girlfriend at Ruth's Diner. If you're ever in Salt Lake, you have to try it.

For most of my adult life I was a contractor working for the family business. We performed horizontal boring and tunneling. You can get a glimpse of my former life at There is a lovely little pic of me further down that gives you an idea of what I did for a living.

Baxter is my Sheltie and one of my best friends. I've had him most of the 11 years of his life.

Two of my best friends, (sorry Baxter), Dita & Dina & I.

After years of struggling in the family business, a marriage then a divorce, I finally switched careers and went into architecture. I had always wanted to be an architect, but had taken the safe way out and joined the family business.

Kattie is my best friend from back home. Kept me sane when I had to pick up and move to Denver.

James (in the red Onesy) and Jeff & Ceil. Known these guys since high school

Very long story short, I ended up in Denver to finish my Architecture degree. I had every intention of heading back to SLC but I find myself still here.

Elliot and I with one of our favorite Baristas. I used to work in LoDo (Lower Downtown Denver). You could eat lunch at a different place every day for a month and not have to get in your car. I do kind of miss that.

Jeff, fishing up Millcreek canyon in SLC.

Melissa & Ceil and Melissa's husband James. James was my college roommate and I've known both him and his wife since high school.

James & Melissa's daughter, sort of a faux niece.

Scott AKA Skippy during the Olympics. We went to the same high school, but didn't really meet till College. He was the best man at my wedding. I've forgiven him for that.


Adrian & Mikk...Old friends from College.

Bill. Another friend from high school, married with kids now days.


My former room mate Pam and her dog Cowboy.

Baxter & I

So this is the narcissistic portion of the program. The following is a little photographic journey through time. Daren through the years if you will.